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Josh Steimle on How to Become an Influencer & Create a Thriving Business

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Josh is the CEO of MWI, a digital marketing agency with offices in the US and Asia, and the author of the book Chief Marketing Officers at Work as well as 200+ articles in publications like Forbes, Time, Inc, Mashable, and TechCrunch. Forbes listed him as one of 25 Marketing Influencers To Watch In 2017.

Learn more about Josh at and his work at

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Books recommended by Josh: 

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz

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Tech Tip Tues: When You’re On The Road & Need a Hotel Tonight…

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Check out this AWESOME app for getting a last minute hotel, wherever you go: 

Tim Laskis on Planning & Scheduling: Your Road to Success

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No one understands the psychology of human behavior and success strategies better than Tim, especially as it applies to business and sports. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, he has the academic training, experience consulting with business owners and professional athletes and he successfully started and sold a business. However, Tim also knows failure very well.

Tim almost failed out of high school and graduated at the back of his class with grades of C’s, D’s and F’s. Also, he failed at almost every sport while growing up. He simply did not fit in anywhere. He even went to work with his father who owned an automotive air conditioning company and was quickly demoted to sweeping floors.

Tim experienced ongoing failure while growing up. He simply felt insecure in every way. He was not gifted in any area. However, he turned everything around and earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in organizational behavior. He has successfully worked in the mental health field for approximately 24 years and has helped hundreds of clients. He also has worked as an organizational consultant, executive coach, professor and mental skills coach with some of the world’s fastest professional motocross athletes.

Tim has learned to step out of the box and take calculated risks. In January 2006 he quit his secure job and sold everything to move to Costa Rica where he married his true love, bought and sold land for a profit and wrote a book, Finding Your Costa Rica. As an experiment, Tim started a commercial building service company an hour and a half away from his home. His childhood friend, Todd Coleman, owns a successful commercial building service company and provided Tim with his blueprint. Tim had worked with business owners for years, however, he had never run a company with employees and felt it was important to gain this experience. After five years of building his company as a side project, with six employees, he sold the business once he reached 100k in sales.

Stepping into social media is a new challenge for Tim. He initially dabbled in social media when it first became popular, but quickly took an unplugged position. However, Tim realized that the power of social media cannot be ignored. Join Tim on his new journey as he helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams with his new podcast, YouTube show, and webinars.

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Podcast shows mentioned by Tim:

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Tech Tip Tues: Meet Edgar To Automate Your Social Media Posts

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Edgar's has helped me kill it on Twitter and is one of my favorite tech tools!

Check out my interview with Laura Roeder at and get access to my free social media automation training from the show notes page.

Meet Edgar yourself at and try coupon code BBRSHOW to get one month free!

Rob Dial of MWF Motivation Podcast on His Journey to Finding Authenticity & Purpose

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Rob Dial started in sales at 19, was promoted to run a franchise with the company at 21 and grew it to a multimillion dollar business.

He's proud to have broken almost every record for a new office in the company's 60-year history and has since moved on to building a coaching practice that runs alongside his podcast — the MWF Motivation Podcast which hit #1 in 6 categories on New & Noteworthy.

Now focusing on growing his podcast to 1 million downloads per month, Rob's intent on impacting as many people as possible to find out what their purpose in life is, and to inspire them to follow their purpose and live to their true potential.

Learn more about Rob Dial at

Books recommended by Rob:

Miracle Morning by Hal Erod

Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn

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Tech Tip Tues: Manage and Secure Your Accounts With Ease Using LastPass

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Are you tired of keeping track of passwords? You're definitely not alone!

For someone who has multiple social media accounts, constant changing of passwords is truly a nightmare! However, LastPass has truly saved me!

LastPass is a password manager that helps you keep all of your log-in information secure without wasting time writing, remembering, and resetting passwords!

You can use LastPass for FREE but for more awesome features you can subscribe to its premium version for only $1 per month! 

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