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Tech Tip Tues: If you don’t have an automated scheduling system, listen up!

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I looooove Acuity!!

It's probably my most indispensable tech tool and I honestly wish that EVERYONE I ever made an appointment with would use this. It's that good.

Try it yourself for free at 

Listen to the story of how Acuity Scheduling came to be in my interview with the founder Gavin Zuchlinski on episode 98 

Client Attraction with LinkedIn featuring Brian Basilico

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This month's Client Attraction theme is LinkedIn. Subject-matter expert Brian Basilico will give an educational presentation about how to attract new clients through LinkedIn, followed by a live Q&A period.

In this presentation you will learn some of the basics about using LinkedIn to promote and grow your personal brand and your business. More importantly, you will learn some “Why’s” and “How To’s” that will help you understand the biz behind the buzz!

Brian Basilico is an award winning and internationally recognized author, speaker and online strategist. He’s the founder and president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., an award winning marketing consulting and production company in Aurora Illinois. B2b helps companies and non-profits, market their products and services through the effective use of on-line tools including; websites, blogs, eMail, social networking, Google, S.E.O., YouTube, and more. .

Brian’s career spans over 35 years. Since starting his first production company in 1979, he’s produced thousands of projects for companies ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 100. Brian combines years of marketing experience, with technical expertise, to build on-line campaigns that produce measurable results. As a musician, technician, programmer, producer and consultant, he has built a reputation for creativity, innovation, and translating “geek” into english. Brian is also an adjunct professor, trainer, author of many social networking and marketing blogs, and an avid podcaster.

He has been featured in articles at Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines.

Learn more at

AB2: Timely realizations about speaking, cancelling my meetup, and avoiding burnout…

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In this audio blog episode I share some of the struggles and shifts I'm currently experiencing as a Business Builder and podcaster.

Dorie Clark Discusses The Importance Of Being Recognized As An Expert In Your Industry

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This is a special bonus interview episode with Branding Expert, Marketing Consultant, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Grammy Award winning music Producer, Dorie Clark.

Normally Dorie supports large corporate clients and Ivy League academics beyond reading her books or catching her keynotes but now she's making herself more accessible to everyday business builders and I'm sooo excited to share about it with my peeps!

For your complimentary copy of Dorie's 42-page Self Assessment Workbook to help you clarify and act upon your breakthrough ideas in order to stand out from the crowd and become a recognized expert, visit

Register for FREE for Dorie's upcoming webinar on March 14th where you will learn how to:

  • Develop unique ideas that will help you stand out in the marketplace.
  • Break into prestigious media outlets like Forbes and the Harvard Business Review
  • Earn speaking opportunities like TEDx conferences and paid corporate engagements.
  • Turn the tables and get clients to come to you, instead of having to constantly beg for business.
  • Get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session.

Reserve your spot at the webinar at 

To learn more about Dorie you can listen to our previous interview at and visit her website at 

Dorie demonstrating how to enjoy Pani PuriPani Puri at Punjab KitchenDorie Clark and Nicole Holland

Soulful Nutritionist Trish Ward on Restoring Your Health From The Inside Out

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Trish M. Ward, also known as the Soulful Nutritionist, helps committed individuals and special needs families discover the food and lifestyle habits that work specifically for their unique biochemistry and soul journey, so they can live symptom-free, with abundant energy, stamina, and joy.

She calls herself the Soulful Nutritionist because she firmly believes that merging Soul and Science is where the magic of life is.

In her 15 years of practice, she has seen, time & time again, that both one's physiology and psychology need to be in alignment to find true health.

Trish offers committed individuals an opportunity to reclaim their physical health and embrace their deep connection to self/spirit.

She is also one of the founding members of mTT CA (My Team Triumph) an organization that allows disabled individuals the opportunity to experience endurance events, races, etc. thru able-bodied people; and is the creator of ‘Restore Your Health, from the Inside Out' an 8 week program designed to address gut/brain healing as well as, re-commit to your inner self. Most importantly, Trish is the mom of three amazing kids, one w/ special needs, & a wife to her college sweetheart.

Learn more about Trish at 

Tech Tip Tues: Skype Online Has Saved My Sanity

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