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Business Building Rockstars Show Posts

Community Member Spotlight – Jan Koch

For 9-months now, Jan Koch has been selling unique, attention grabbing wooden timepieces at affordable prices to men & women who enjoy showcasing their individuality through his online store, Little Oak.

Jan says that the varied detail in the grain of his comfortable wooden watches make them not only great conversational pieces, but also fascinating storytellers of an individual’s personal relationship with time.

Why does he do it? Because Jan himself loves wooden watches and noticed how excited his friends got when he wore them.

Already a successful service-based online entrepreneur, Jan wanted to see if he could build a profitable product-based business around something so fun too.

And it’s not just about the fashion or the money for Jan. His company also contributes to preserving nature by planting trees for every ethically sourced, wooden watch they sell.

Learn more about these unique timepieces at

Davide Di Giorgio Explains The Trouble With “Comparanoia” In Entrepreneurship

Davide Di Giorgio is a longtime theatre producer, creator, educator and audacious entrepreneur.  

His unapologetic approach that shatters the mold of following blueprints, formulas, and systems has quickly made him the go-to creative expert for on purpose entrepreneurs and speakers who want to deliver their message unforgettably and transform their audiences forever!

Obsessed with supporting experts to speak on the stage in a way that is unforgettable and completely transformative, Davide is passionate about helping his clients fulfill their bigger mission and this passion comes through in this episode.

We also get raw and real about our own personal life experiences and Davide shares how everything in his world got turned upside down when he lost his home to a bolt of lightning.

Learn more about Davide’s unique and immersive Speaker Experience at Sea at and to connect directly with him visit 

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Tech Tip Tues: Why Your Competitors Are Using Facebook Bots

Have you heard about the Facebook Bot craze yet?

If not, listen up!

Facebook Bots are custom automations that allow you to have meaningful interactions with your audience instantaneously. It’s pretty crazy!

And when used for good opposed to evil, they offer an incredible opportunity to serve and support your people in a nurturing and authentic way.

And if you don’t feel like a total Rockstar when it comes to technology, don’t let that turn you off. Because you don’t have to go it alone.

I purchased my friend Molly Mahoney’s Messenger Automation Academy because I’ve been amazed by the results she’s gotten from implementing a chatbot strategy, and I’m the kinda gal who want big results fast, without confusion!

Create your own FREE chatbot at

And for more support, check out what Moll’s got going on at http://BBRShow/mollybot

Community Member Spotlight – Dave Blum

Dave Blum helps managers, team leaders, and meeting planners who struggle with employee morale, trust, and discord within their teams replace all of that with friendship, cooperation and productivity by transforming the world’s greatest museums and neighborhoods into fast-paced “living board games”.

Dave launched Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts in 1995 after attending a treasure hunt event in San Francisco when had two thoughts…

1) I could do this better.
2) This would be a great way for people to build camaraderie and rapport while having fun seeing the City.

The idea also played into his enthusiasm for travel, writing, puzzles, and group facilitation.

Learn more about Dave and Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts at

Byron Ingraham of The Big Movement Podcast on Making Money In Any Market

Byron Ingraham’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship began while serving in the United States Air Force, where he was tasked with developing businesses on different installations, all around the globe.

His efforts resulted in numerous awards for business innovations and after his time in service was up, Byron brought his skills and passion into the civilian world where he now helps small business owners discover their message, and build meaningful relationships with their ideal clients.

Byron’s philosophy is “Don’t reinvent the wheel, simply put a tire on it”.

Learn more about Byron at

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Tech Tip Tues: Brilliant & Fully Customizable for Online Courses

LifterLMS is a 100% free and open source WordPress plugin that allows you to convert your expertise and experience into income through online courses.

It’s easy to use and very flexible, allowing you to create an engaging learning experience for your students that’s as unique as you are.

If you value the human interaction that online learning programs are often devoid of, check out LifterLMS because so do its creators!

That’s why I’m really excited to introduce you to this tool.

Take LifterLMS out for a test drive yourself at

And join my free Facebook group to get the replay of Chris’ walkthrough with me, plus lots of other valuable resources and opportunities!