Let’s Work Together

If you're an Innovator, Disruptor, Change-Maker, or Thought Leader... You are my kinda people!

There are two main ways I work with clients: Done-WITH-You & Done-FOR-You


My Done-WITH-You offerings are perfect for established Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and emerging Thought Leaders ready for substantial growth.

I help my clients overcome roadblocks and challenges that are keeping them from realizing their big visibility and revenue goals through a customized, collaborative, transformative process.

Some of the things I've helped my clients with include:

  • Getting Booked as the Expert Guest on Highly-Targeted Podcasts
  • Converting Cold Audiences to Warm Leads & Converting Leads to High-Ticket Clients
  • Podcast Launches & Growth (Design, Marketing, Guests, Systems, Tech, etc)
  • Becoming Known as an Industry Celebrity
  • Branding, Image, & Reputation Management
  • Designing Irresistible Service Packages
  • Establishing and Deepening Relationships with Influencers


My Done-FOR-You offerings are ideal for small-to-mid-sized companies and personal brands with a dedicated publicity budget who want more organic traffic and brand awareness through new media and influencer marketing sources.

Some of the things I've helped my clients with in a Done-FOR-You capacity include:

  • Vetting & Managing Incoming Interview Requests
  • Strategically Pitching & Booking Highly-Targeted Interviews
  • Strategic Introductions to Prospective Partners & Influencers
  • Media Training, Feedback, & Optimizing Opportunities

Are You Ready?

If any of this sounds like what you want too, I'd love to help!

If you don't already know me, your next step is to check out my Praise, Media, and Podcast pages, my Social Media profiles, and Google me. There's plenty of content on the web so vet away! 

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