Praise for Nicole

If you get an opportunity to work with Nicole, TAKE IT.

Nicole doesn't waste any time identifying the gaps and opportunities for a business owner. In (seriously) a 10-minute conversation, she laid out a blueprint for my community of 180,000 members that resulted in me lining up five thought leaders to collaborate with and a systematized way to turn that content into profit. 

Warren K Carlyle IV  //  Community Building Strategist

Nicole has made me look like a hero at Animoto!

Our team was really blown away by not only how quickly she got our exec leadership on podcasts, but also her innovative and creative thinking. She cares about her clients like their business was hers. She is an awesome PR partner and I value the time I get to spend with her brainstorming and planning as she is focused on delivering as big of an impact as possible.

REBECCA BROOKS // Director of Communications

The insight Nicole provides cuts right to the core!

If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and be your friend while you get nothing accomplished then Nicole is definitely not your gal. But if you are looking for someone to create great strategy, who is resourceful and can help you navigate the online waters in an ethical and "true to you" fashion, then I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough.

Jessica Ehrenworth  //  Founder & CEO, Brain Healthy Inc.

So thankful for her work!

Being on Nicole's show was one of the best things for broadening my network with top level marketers and change makers. I think one of the hardest things to connect with at a high level is resources and community, Nicole brings both of those together so effortlessly. 

SHOEBOX MOSES (aka SammyT)  // World Touring DJ

Nicole helped me simplify complicated & time consuming business processes...

Nicole's support has resulted in me reclaiming countless hours, enabling me to focus on what’s important and the highest payoff activities I can do, as well as to conserve allocated team resources. She listens to problems and is able to quickly identify solutions that take into account her client's business model and resources for the most optimal ROI.

Jason Van Orden  //  Thought Leadership Strategist

Truth Tellers don't come around often...

Nicole is someone who is confident, bold with love, and helps you see things you cannot see in your own business. Nicole will point you in the right direction and sets the perfect platform for those who desire to seriously build their business.

Cardiff D. Hall  // Inspirational Speaker & Author

I'm grateful to know Nicole, and give her my highest recommendation!

Nicole understands the world of podcasts inside out, from the booking side and as a popular podcast host herself. A savvy strategist, she is business-minded and focused on making sure you're on the best podcasts that will move the needle for you and your business. She is also masterful at building win-win relationships, which is why so many podcasters see her a trusted colleague and friend.

Selena Soo  //  Publicity & Marketing Strategist

You've helped me refine and clarify key statements about my business.

I love the way your questions drew out my thinking and helped me clarify my vision. Your way of introducing really significant concepts in simple, manageable steps was brilliant. You are very skilled in guiding your clients in delving deeply in defining what is most meaningful to them about the work they do and want to do.

Susan Furnas  //  International Tour Director & Adventure Catalyst

Nicole gets my highest recommendation as a marketing mentor...

Nicole is a gifted marketing expert with a unique combination of spunk, focus, clarity, and passion. Her unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex marketing and branding has revolutionized my thinking, and more importantly, my decisions. Nicole tactfully and directly pointed me in the right direction with my marketing and got me in front of ideal clients quickly and easily.

Daniel LeFave  //  Author & Strategic Success Coach

Nicole Holland is the ideal combination of "strategist" and "tactical visionary"

She has incredible insight and expertise in helping see the big picture and pairing it with an actual plan to make things happen. Several times I sought out Nicole's guidance to look at how I can continue to grow my businesses brand and in the most efficient manner. Simply put - Nicole is my 'go to' when I'm contemplating a decision that will help better message, market and grow my business.

Lou Diamond  //  Thought Leadership Strategist

As a fellow introvert Nicole totally gets me!

Besides Nicole's awesome skills as a summit organizer, she's also an amazing mentor. I just got off a 30-minutes consultation with Nicole and she probably saved me 6 months of wasted time! She listens, shares her experience & adapts her advice to my needs! I highly recommend her as a mentor to anyone who wants to level up.

Sarah Santacroce  //  LinkedIn Consultant & Strategist

I am grateful for Nicole's expertise and look forward to growing my brand with her help

After our very first session working one on one together I created systems that not only save me time, but also money. What I like best about Nicole is that she can explain why she chooses the processes she does and that she doesn't recommend connections for the sake of closing a deal. She plays the long game through authentic relationship building. I would recommend Nicole's services to anyone who is thinking of launching a podcast or hoping to use guest podcasting to build authority because she cares about her clients.

Miriam Schulman  //  Founder of The Inspiration Place

Working with Nicole has been a game changer...

She's helped me get crystal clear on my goals and showed me what to work on to get where I want to go. I feel confident as I work my new plan and check in to measure progress. She has great energy and a unique ability to hold me accountable to where I need to improve and also celebrate successes, sometimes within a couple of minutes of each other. I highly recommend working with Nicole if you have a big dream and need some help figuring out how to make it happen.

Justin Taylor  //  Author of Celia Science & Anna Art

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