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Tech Tip Tuesday: The Virtual Office You’ve Been Missing

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Don’t let your location or lack of a meeting facility hold your business back!

With a zoom account you get a virtual meeting space that practically replicates what you could do in a physical office!

Sign up for FREE at

BONUS: Karen Dimmick of Bookthority Shares Her Best Productivity Hacks

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Karen Dimmick is the author of 47 Mind Hacks for Writers and co-founder of, the “author tech” specialists.

She has been helping authors for the past 8 years, from first time writers to an established, 5 times, New York Times bestselling author.

As a lifelong book lover, Karen firmly believes that everything centers around “experiences”.

Karen’s mission is to break down what works for authors and put it into practical steps to help them build a profitable, engaging business they and their fans love.

And she’s hosting the The Book Marketing Summit coming up at the end of this month where Leading Experts will Take You Through The A-Zs of Book Marketing so you get Everything You Need To Know to Market, Promote and Sell Your Books

Click Here to Get your FREE ticket to Karen’s Book Marketing Summit

BONUS: Rachel S. Lee of Transform Your Reality on Internet Marketing From Anywhere

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Rachel S. Lee is an internet marketer, speaker, author, and coach.

She helps others in the speaker, author, coach industry to get VISIBLE online and offline.

She is an expert in social media, speaking gigs, and rapidly writing books.

Check out Rachel’s book, Transform Your Reality from Amazon and learn more about her at

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Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker 

Join me live in Orlando, FL for my LIVE Get Guest Ready Bootcamp

David Ralph of Steve Jobs Inspired Join Up Dots on Podcasting For A Living

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David Ralph  is an ex-corporate trainer who now hosts the top ranked podcast, Join Up Dots, where in each episode he takes his guests on a journey of discovery following the words of the late Steve Jobs.

This is a hugely powerful and inspirational show that has gained a massive audience in over 160 countries, and with its fun and quirky style is one that is fresh, unique and inspiring.

Listen in to David’s podcast and learn more about his work at Join Up Dots.


My Behind The Scenes Secret For How I Hold It All Together

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One of the tools that I use everyday and really love is Process Street.

It helps me to keep track of systems and processes that I execute in my business.

It’s a very dynamic way of organizing and automating workflows that allows you to scale up as your business grows.

Click here to listen to my interview with Vinay Patankar, co-founder and CEO of Process Street.

To check out Process Street yourself you can sign up for free at 

Client Attraction with Podcast Guesting

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This month’s Client Attraction theme is Podcast Guesting. 

Subject-matter expert Nicole Holland will give an educational presentation about how to attract new clients by getting booked as the featured guest on podcasts, followed by a live Q&A period.

Recently named in The Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs In 2017”, Nicole Holland helps entrepreneurs, authors, and busy CEOs get featured on top ranked podcasts to increase their visibility and personal celebrity for greater impact, influence, and income. 

You can learn more about Nicole at


“I had to cram & juggle to make it to this session, but I’m glad I made it a priority! To be honest, I didn’t think podcasting/guesting was relevant for my first aid training business, but before the webinar was done I was getting all kinds of ideas! Thank you, Nicole!!” – Doris F., St. Catherines, ON


*** Please note that all Virtual Series: Client Attraction Sessions are FREE, open to the public, and take place online. 

You must signup with a valid email address to gain access to the virtual meeting room. ***