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Business Building Rockstars Show Posts

226: Corey Poirier of Conversations with Passion on Building Your Speaking Career

Corey Poirier is an award winning Keynote speaker, multiple-time TEDx and MoMonday’s Speaker, he is the host of the top rated ‘Conversations with PASSION’ Radio Show, he has been featured in one-hour television specials on Eastlink TV and TeleTelevision and he is a columnist with Entrepreneur Magazine.

Corey has interviewed over 4,000 of the world’s top leaders in search of the traits that set them apart and has been called a Modern Day Napoleon Hill many times.

Corey shares about the highs and lows of being a professional speaker, including his experiences with rejections, failings and pushing past self doubt.

He provides interesting insight into the world of professional speaking and outstanding career building advice.

Learn more about Corey at and get your own copy of Corey’s book WHY for FREE using the exclusive access code “why” when you visit or visit for more on how Corey can help you with your speaking career.

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DJ Sammy T aka Shoebox Moses on Tapping Into Your “Why’’ as an Entrepreneur

ShoeboxMoses, aka Sammy T, has performed alongside some of North America’s largest acts including Kaskade, Kid Cudi, Empire of the Sun, and Avicii, Tiesto, and Aloe Black. Shoebox Moses is one of the few DJ's to perform on Neckar Island the personal home to Sir Richard Branson.

His ability to align with some of the most powerful leaders on the planet and DJ for them is one of his most incredible skills.

Last year ShoeboxMoses found himself on a pilgrimage to find and locate his orphanage in Quezon City and has put much of his intentions and energy to fixing and supplying aid to the orphanage that he was adopted out of.

Realizing the importance of authenticity, Sammy talks about how finding your why will take you down the right path to success.

He shares his journey from a failed online course launch to his successful present day ventures, and discusses how you can’t be successful by getting behind something that's not authentically you.

Learn more about SammyT at

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Tony Rulli on What True Entrepreneurial Freedom Really Looks Like

Tony Rulli runs Intentional Spark, a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Facebook advertising.

In a previous career, Tony was a Corporate Banker with Wells Fargo. But finding corporate life less than ideal, he quit and traveled around the world for a year.

Upon his return to the US, he did everything he could to never go back.

3 years later, he now works with his wife, one other full time employee, and 6+ contractors in his Digital Marketing Agency.

Tony’s journey is a really cool story!

After reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and Vagabonding by Ralf Potts, Tony and his wife Meg quit their jobs and set out on a nomadic adventure.

Through setting up a travel blog and meeting lots of freelancers along the way, Tony found inspiration and the practical resources he needed to turn his long-term desire for building a company into a reality.

Starting with a spice box subscription service, his entrepreneurial pursuit has taken a handful of turns and we dug into some of the common trials that entrepreneurs face, but rarely talk about openly.

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Sean Stewart on How Selling is a Metaphor For Life

Sean Stewart is a speaker, trainer, and mentor for mission-driven coaches and entrepreneurs.  His main focus is helping his clients build thriving business by attracting and enrolling high-end clients. Sean’s clients often come to him with a lack of leads and a fear of asking for the high ticket sale and through his transformation based systems, he helps them solve those problems so they can make the impact and live the freedom lifestyle they dream of.

 Sean has been a featured expert on NBC News, Fox News and in The New York Times and 7 figure business leaders (like Ted McGrath, Lisa Sasevich, and Marisa Murgitroyd) have hired Sean to help their sales teams increase conversions.  

Sean is committed to creating serious transformational results in the lives of individuals. He helps his clients align their inner game with their outer game and gets them the promised results by providing easy to follow strategies, to get results quickly, towards the direction that they want to go.

He researched many training styles and methods and found that courses were very motivational and inspiring in providing people with the WHY and the WHAT, but failed to include the HOW.

According to Sean, Sales is a metaphor for life that can provide a transformational growth opportunity. It’s about confronting things head on, about being able to be present in the face of an uncomfortable moment with an individual and stand for them or be a rock for them.

Sean has a 3-day event coming up in October, called Transformational Sales Mastery. It’s for people that have an aversion to sales, are not getting the right results, feel uncomfortable selling or have value issues. This event will help them to step into a new identity.

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Nancy Juetten on How To Show Up As The Best You You Can Be

Get Known, Get Paid Mentor; Nancy Juetten, guides subject matter experts and speakers around the world to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for their brilliant work.

Author of the popular Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook, Nancy is also a contributing author to the National Speakers Association book; Speak More: Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business, and The World’s Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets to Move Your Audience to Action.

Luminaries and aspiring luminaries trust Nancy to show up like a pro at HELLO to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media opportunities with grace and ease.

Nancy and I discussed how she was able to check herself out of Pity Party Hotel and into Magic Mailbox Manor, where cheques just started to show up unexpectedly during the most trying of times.

Plus Nancy revealed how she’s been able to grow from criticism, why relationships matter, and much more.

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